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Set Includes[]


  • Oil Slick (black matte w/silver micro-glitter)
  • Roadstripe (iridescent white w/blue-violet shift)
  • ABC Gum (pale peach matte)
  • Shattered (turquoise shimmer w/gold shift)
  • Grifter (sheer lavender shimmer with silver micro-glitter)
  • Gunmetal (gunmetal gray with silver glitter)
  • Polyester (white snow with silver micro-glitter)
  • Baked (rich bronze)
  • Mildew (mossy green shimmer w/gold shift)
  • Asphyxia (hyacinth shimmer w/blue shift)
  • Mushroom (warm pale grey)
  • Midnight Cowboy (pink champagne with silver glitter)
  • Smog (deep coppery bronze shimmer)
  • Lounge (brick red with green shift)
  • Flash (bright iridescent purple)
  • Vapor (pale pearlescent silver)
  • YDK (cool bronze)
  • Roach (deep metallic burgundy-brown shimmer)
  • UV-B (vibrant blue w/violet shift)
  • Last Call (metallic sugar plum)

Eye Pencil[]

  • Zero (zealous black)
  • Oil Slick (black shimmer with silver micro-sparkle)
  • Gunmetal (gunmetal gray with silver glitter)
  • Mushroom (metallic taupe-pewter shimmer)
  • Whiskey (rich brown matte)
  • Roach (deep copper brown shimmer)
  • Smog (copper shimmer)
  • Lucky (metallic burnt orange)
  • Midnight Cowboy (beige with silver sparkle)
  • Underground (metallic taupe)
  • Stash (dark green/gold metallic)
  • Mildew (deep green metallic)
  • Covet (blue-green teal with pearl sheen)
  • Deep End (bright metallic peacock shimmer)
  • UV-B (vibrant blue with violet shift)
  • Deviant (medium blue with silver micro-sparkle)
  • Asphyxia (vibrant pink/purple duotone with tonal and blue mirco-sparkle)
  • Ransom (deep purple)
  • Last Call (metallic sugar plum)
  • Crash (rich deep eggplant)

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