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Swatch Colour List[]

  • Mint Chocolate (matte smoky teal)
  • Glaze (matte cream)
  • Cake Batter (matte soft peach)
  • Exotica (silvered beige)
  • Chocolate Syrup (matte pinky mocha)
  • Pearl Candy (shimmering icy white)
  • Raspberry Rose (soft golden pink)
  • Indulge (silvered taupe)
  • Lavender Cake (matte lavender)
  • Guilt-Free (matte cool grey)
  • Smoked Sea Salt (matte charcoal grey)
  • Frosted Apricot (matte apricot with silver sparkle)
  • Cookie Dough (matte beige with gold sparkle)
  • Sugared Raisin (shimmering silver mauve)
  • Black Sugar (black with holographic sparkle)
  • Banana Date (soft creamy satin beige)

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