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  • Just got an e-mail notification about your edit … (thinking about removing that from my watchlist)

    I'm still confused about the topic of your wiki here in combination with your username. ;)

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    • Oh yeah, you may want to be careful of your email notifications on wikis you aren't apart of. I personally, do not have any email notifications because I have been apart of so many wikis in the past almost 10 years, last I need is someone telling me a wiki I haven't looked at 7 years had an edit, lol.

      The name is from when I was editing for gaming wikis like Dragon Age 8ish year ago, it was originally a name from World of Warcraft warlock I had 10+ years ago, lol. It's based on a darkwave band called Johnny Hollow. I mean imagine if you had kept the first email account you ever had. I am a closet gamer, with dark to heavy music preferences but in real life I wear designer makeup XD

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    • Actually, I wanted to reply a bit earlier, not two months later … 😐 But sometimes my life takes me out of wikiing for a period of time.

      Hah! Had to look up your account on DA – perhaps because it's a fitting name over there, I didn't notice it while I was active there as well.

      I've never heard of Johnny Hollow, but my current e-mail address is indeed the same one as my first, only with a different provider (the old one doesn't exist anymore).

      Where do you wear dark makeup? In the closet? 😉

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    • I had a family member with some dark or gothic fairy type email address, so I know some people grow out of it.

      lol I don't really wear dark makeup (well maybe Halloween), I actually am kinda preppy look wise.

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    • A FANDOM user
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