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LES PINCEAUX DE CHANEL brushes give everyone access to makeup artist techniques. Their simple yet functional design makes this a collection of desirable on-the-go accessories. Featuring a selection of synthetic bristles as soft as they are resilient, protected by a black lacquered case, they elegantly stand the test of time.

The RETRACTABLE DUAL-ENDED EYE-CONTOURING BRUSH has two tips, designed to precisely apply cream and powder eyeshadow, sculpt the eye contour and soften the makeup result.

A selection of soft bristles that easily pick up eyeshadows and perfectly define the eye contour.

With its flat shape, the definer tip ensures precise, adjustable application of eyeshadows. It reaches the inner and outer corners of the eye to trace the eye contour and define the eyes.

With its longer shape and soft bristles, the smudger tip blends eyeshadows for a gradation effect, diffuses eyeliner and softens contours.

On-the-go use: the caps protect the two tips, making it easy to slip the brush into a handbag.



How to Use[]

LUCIA PICA'S TIPS, CHANEL Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer.
  • For a gradation effect: Take some eyeshadow with the definer tip and apply to the entire mobile eyelid. Then, apply a darker eyeshadow along the socket crease with the flat side of the same tip to create a contrast. Next, blend the eyeshadows together with the smudger tip, smoothing from the inner to the outer corner of the eye.
  • For sophisticated eyes: Take some eyeshadow with the definer tip and apply along the base of upper and lower lashes to define the eye contour. Then, apply an eyeshadow to the entire mobile eyelid with the same tip. Finally, use the smudger tip to blend the colours together.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Designed to stand the test of time, LES PINCEAUX DE CHANEL brushes with synthetic bristles should be washed regularly with warm water and shampoo or mild soap. Leave flat to air dry away from sources of heat.


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