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Black hair is the most common hair in the world. Any background or ethnicity can have black hair and it is associated with any skin tone and eye color from palest skin/eyes to the darkest skin/eyes. Black hair has the most eumelanin out of any hair color in the world and is less dense than other hair colors. Like any other hair color, black hair also comes in a range, although it is not as noticeable as other hair colors. Black hair is usually categorized from jet black (level 1) to lightest black or black brown (level 3). There are also different tones that come with black hair such as red/orange undertones, blue undertones and neutral undertones.


Black Shades to Lighter Shades[]

There are different complications when dyeing black hair or People with natural black usually have the hardest time when trying to achieve a lighter color. Luckily hair dyes with high developers are becoming more available to the public in our local drugstores. There are also new hair dyes that can lighten black hair all the way to blonde without the need to bleach the hair. These are found at some professional salons and not in the drugstores, however. In most cases, black hair will need bleaching in order to jump from black hair to blonde but not so much when going from black to very light brown (level 1 to 6.5) because these usually just require a higher developer.

Light Shades to Black Shades[]

When trying to achieve black hair, however, people with natural light hair have it easier and don't require bleaching. They can just simply dye their hair a light brown color and then to black with a 10 developer. It is always easier to go darker than lighter. Although it is easier, you must be aware that black hair dye is very hard to get rid of and you will have to have a high level of commitment when dyeing your hair black.

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